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Gary & Cheryl's adventures Down Under

The Final Hurrah

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014 | Views [331]

Helllooo,   Hope all’s well.    So we left off waiting to see if it would be a clear night in Lake Tekapo so that we could do the stargazing. Luck was on our side and it was a perfect night (although flipping freezing) ... Read more >

Taking to the skies (and sometimes not)

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 6 Feb 2014 | Views [291] | Comments [1]

Hello,   Hope all’s good.    So we left off in rain drenched NZ waiting to do Arthur’s Pass. In typical NZ fashion the next day was b-e-a-utiful so we set off to do some walks. First up was the Devil’s Punchbowl ... Read more >

Like a box of chocolates

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 26 Jan 2014 | Views [392] | Comments [1]

Given that we've had a bit of a hiatus from blogging we'll do an overview of the first week & a half that we've spent in NZ so far & hopefully we can keep a big more on top of it after this.  The Forest Gump inspired title perfectly ... Read more >

game, set & match

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 26 Jan 2014 | Views [330]

Hi Everyone! Don’t you just hate people who put their seat back before you even take off?... yep me too, luckily a combination of being boarded, disembarking,  re-boarding and my knees won me a tiny victory over the twat in front!  ... Read more >

On top of the world down under

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 26 Jan 2014 | Views [296]

Despite not feeling all that lively after the overnight greyhound journey we stored our bags at our hostel & headed out to get to grips with the city so that we didn't waste the day. We walked to the botanic gardens & headed for a spot called ... Read more >

Sunrises, surfing & sharing bunk beds!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 9 Jan 2014 | Views [351]

Hello again, Hope all’s well & that the weather is starting to improve back in Blighty. Know we won’t get much sympathy but we're in Sydney & it’s been overcast, drizzly & pretty chilly (very unusual for them). It’... Read more >

Photos: Noosa, Aroona, Brisbane, Surfers

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Cape Trib, Cairns, Whitsunday, Fraser Islands

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 2 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Too Easy!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 2 Jan 2014 | Views [400] | Comments [4]

Happy New Year. Here's hoping that 2014 is a good one for you.  Since our last blog we've been experiencing a bit more of what it's like to actually live in Oz by staying with 2 lots of friends. We started off with Duck & Claire in Noosa, ... Read more >

Life is an Island

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 23 Dec 2013 | Views [289] | Comments [1]

Helllooo,   It’s been a while & I guess you’re all winding down for crimbo now. Not sure if we’ll be able to get online again closer to Xmas so hope you all have a great time. I’m already getting turkey & ... Read more >

I’d like a pet cassowary!!

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 15 Dec 2013 | Views [348] | Comments [1]

G’day Everyone,  Gary here, cheryl has agreed to let me write an entry as long as I made everyone aware very early its me writing, now that disclaimer is out the way over to what we have been up to…..   We left alice and ... Read more >

Photos: Alice Springs

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Bear Grylls eat your heart out!

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Views [1329] | Comments [1]

Hello, Hope all is well & dandy with you. Wow, what a few days we've had. If you can't be bothered to read another epic post then here is a quick overview in numbers:  Miles driven: 869 Miles walked: 18.6 Litres of water drunk: 22 Litres ... Read more >

Photos: Darwin

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

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The Delights of Darwin

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | Views [321] | Comments [1]

Us again! Now that I've got this blog up & running I thought I'd better get another post in before I manage to break it. Thanks for your comments on the last post, I've written a reply back on there. We've just left Darwin so thought it was the ... Read more >

We love WA

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013 | Views [368] | Comments [10]

G'day. Hope everyone's well. Sorry this first post has taken a while. I had some technical difficulties (shocker!) We've now ditched Off Exploring as it was being a pain & opted for this site instead so hopefully everything will work.   ... Read more >

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