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Gorkha Relief Efforts - June 2015 Our Journal will chronicle our return to Nepal to assist in the distribution of food and supplies needed in advance of monsoon.

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We an ecletic group of Trekkers who had the good fortune of sharing the experiences of Nepal during a recent EBC Trek, fortunately many returning only days prior to the events of April 25th, since learning of the Earthquake we have resigned to doing what we can to make a bit of a difference, we have been raising monies for the Benefit of Helping the Nepalese people, those most affected by the Earthquakes that have rocked their country – All proceeds raised will benefit the People of Nepal! We have teamed with a Local NGO, Sambhav Nepal, to ensure all money raised is utilized efficiently and to ensure maximum impact. 



The most important current need is relief supplies, which are being provided to the victims by various organizations including Sambhav Nepal and the Nepal government.Once the immediate needs of the Nepali people are served we will transition our focus to the long-term project of rebuilding the schools destroyed by the ‪#‎NepalEarthquake. This project aims to build about 35 earthquake-resistant  in the remote villages of Gorkha and provide an opportunity to study and dream big to the children, who are the most-affected victims. The project is an act to repair the damages caused by this disaster to our education system.


Our Beneficiary, Sambhav Nepal, a local government-registered NGO has excellent track record of 8 years of tangible achievements in Gorkha. Sambhav Nepal was active prior to the earthquake in Gorkha and has integrity, local knowledge and local contacts needed to achieve our objective.


To date we have rasied almost $14,000 US dollars, these monies raised will permit us to secure and distribute needed food and supplies in advance of monsoon season. Our Journal will document the return of myself, Ken Levy from the US, and a fellow team member, Rachael Strick from Australia to Nepal where we will have the honor to be there first hand to help as we best can. While there in addition to distributing supplies we will have the opportunity to discuss Phase II of our fund raising efforts, the reconstuction of schools in Gorkha, we will speak with leaders of local villagers to discuss and review the needs specific to their village and select a site for the first of what we hope to be many school rebuilding projects, most importantly to discuss site selection and proposed sustainable and quake resistant building practices.


We need your help to begin the second Phase of our initiative. So Please Help Us Help Nepal.

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 or at Sambhav Nepal’s Donation Page

Visit us on Facebook at Nepal Earthquake - Trekkers & Friends of Gorkha to keep updated to all of our efforts.

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