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Argentina | Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 5 photos

My name is Franco Larrine, I'm a 26th year old, Argentinian photographer, photography obsessed and travel lover. Travel makes me happy, very happy! Now i'm in Argentina for this year, prepearing a trip through all central america from my country to Mexico. Hope to start it next year.
My parents live in the south part of the country in Bariloche, a beautiful mountain city. Every time I go, I discover new photos, is like a new place every time. Despite Nature has the power an magic to give easy incredible pictures I thing that the important and difficult part, is to tell something with that beauty or at least make someone feel something with it ( not just show the beauty, common thins we see in nature photography nowdays ), thats what i want when i see a picture through my eyes. I'm a obsessed with photos, i see photos everywhere, and i want to take pictures every time, to everything, i feel that every single thing in planet have something to tell, even the most simple common thing. My dream is to travel, take pictures, an tell stories, and if i live from that, uhf! that would be a super dream!

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