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Fly Ted Down Under Journeys through the land of Oz

About flyted

Sometime around early 2000 (coincidentally, perhaps, 11 years ago exactly), I went on a big Australian kick, reading guide books, listening to INXS, watching Mission Impossible 2, chatting to people online, and the Olympics were coming up... and I started to make plans to go. I would arrive in Melbourne, likely around January, 2001, find a job and settle in.
Then other stuff came up and I kind of forgot about it.
I went to university, lived in the UK for 6 months, went back to university, and decided to set off and see as much of Canada as I could.
5 years hence from that decision, satisfied and happy with my adventures thus far, I realised it was time. Now or never, if I was going to live, work and travel for a few months in Australia, it had to be this year.
Initially, I thought I wouldn't be able to: coming up on the big 3-0, and with an equal (or perhaps greater) passion to see New Zealand, it appeared it would come down to a choice between the two.
Happily, I discovered just in time that I could still fit in both before officially outliving the backpacker crowd.
And so, here I am, a month under my belt already with so much more to come. For the first time in my travels, I've set up an online journal of sorts, with annotated photos and perhaps a few stories and anecdotes too along the way. It is a new experiment for me but what better opportunity to get started.
Visitors are welcome to share the link to my journal with anyone, and I really encourage you to leave comments and ask questions. Let's get some dialogue going - if there's anything confusing or requiring elaboration, just post a comment!
Enjoy, and stay tuned.

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