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Life as a Flea

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In Sanremo, Italy

In Sanremo, Italy

Felicia Bonanno (more commonly known as "Flea") is a 23-year-old nomad with aspirations of travel writing. She graduated in 2014 from a university in Upstate New York, and her adventures have included two roadtrips across the United States, exploring the coast of California, a summer drinking coconuts with the locals of a Caribbean island, and driving through the South of France, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia - all of which she has written extensively about on blogs and in piles of bulging moleskin notebooks. She is currently calling Paris her nest, expanding her mind by improving her French and learning the language of wine and cheese. The stars are pulling her hair ever further Eastward, however. Hong Kong is next on the list, where she will be living indefinitely as of this Fall. She has already mapped travel routes around Asia. 

To read about her European adventures, you can check out her other blog here, or connect with her on Facebook. She has also been published in more than a dozen entertainment newspapers and magazines, writing primarily about local events wherever she and her yoga mat happen to be living in the moment. 

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