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PAKISTAN | Monday, 5 May 2014 | Views [459]

This world has so much to offer which makes me wonder, that beyond myself, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding thing.

Travelling having your passion in it can’t be more rewarding then pleasure, peace and letting communities know around the world. I have travelled almost every part of Pakistan always found it mesmerizing, but the first time I travelled to USA was outstanding and breathtaking experience.

It was 3 in the morning was travelling for the first time to the airport last year in September.  I fairly reached early to catch the flight. I was excited but at the same time nervous because I was about to experience which I have never had before in life. While waiting in queue for getting the boarding card for my flight as I was totally unaware the process. Finally I got my boarding pass, now heading toward the airplane.  It was Emirates, boing 777 what a beauty it was. Stepping on the elevator and got a prefect smile welcome as suddenly you have become the most important person on the face of earth.

It was good to see all those friendly staff on board. After settling down a very decent and well-mannered guy approached and greeted every one board with a hot towel. The next to me was CEO of a private company accompanied with his wife. I like talking to strangers to getting the local feel and learn about the experiences.

Airplane introduced me to the new world in about 3 hours, everything was glittery and shiny. Yes! I have reached Dubai International Airport. Getting the feeling of stepping on other land as a foreigner can’t be explained in words. It was a new world for me yet had to experience more. We board again now on the way to New York, USA. The landscape was beautiful and enrich. After travelling for about fifteen hours now all of sudden someone screamed “Statue of Liberty “passengers including me get thrilled and glued to the window. I can still recall that husky voice saying “ladies and gentleman this is you captain speaking, we will land on JFK airport in about ten minutes on your right you can see Statue of Liberty and The Great Brooklyn Bridge, please fasten your seat belts, thank you” . So finally, we landed and I was about to sept on the land of opportunity The United States of American. After getting all the requirements done I was standing and looking at the people around.

It was afternoon, bright and sunny Tuesday, September 17, 2013. What fine lovely day it was, I stayed at airport for about one hour as I was surprised to see everything and I mean literally everything. People were helpful and very kind to me.

I got a black cab whose driver was from India, he dropped me off at the right place in Bronx, NYC. He took 60$ from me, it was a shock of my life as I have spent PKR 6,000/= in my local currency which is quite good amount for a cab fare. Well anyways, I checked in went out for some coffee. Nearly an hour after I got lost and don’t know where I have go. It’s always good to get lost in new city in a way you interacting with other, they trying to help you; you are in middle of nowhere. Luckily me my English language skills are excellent, that’s why I don’t find it difficult interacting with local people. When I have tried everything, then I called my friend who is local working in some phone retailer company. Lastly, at 11 I reached my hotel and went straight to bed.

Next morning I woke up early had breakfast picked my camera, passport and some cloths went to street to street to get myself familiar with city. As it is not possible to get to know the city it self but one can always try. I felt love was in the air that everyone was glued to each other kissing, hugging and cuddling which is quite new for me as this doesn’t happen from where I come.  My local friend told me to travel by train which is economical and faster. Kingsbridge road was the station near me, I purchase a once week pass and at the same time my calculator was converting every single penny I spend into my local currency.

Left at Manhattan city, mesmerized form high rise building and fast life and cabs. Spend my day trying to have local feel. I must admit that some time I make up situations to keep others busy with me and to get know the local culture. 

I have had chance to see and experience so many thing in NYC which made me realize how important it is to travel, it’s really change how you perceive things, how beautiful are the people. I have attended couple of art exhibition, yoga sessions, live music, street food and my favorite Hudson River.

While walking on Brooklyn Bridge and read the engraved statement made me feel like, people fell in love when the visit this place. Statue of Liberty is another remarkable place to visit. Night life of NYC is crazy.

After staying for few weeks in NYC my next destination was New Jersey (NJ) such a beautiful place. I travel to Jersey City by train. It is lush green and quit claim city as compare to NYC. People are more relaxed but loving. I have happened to attend a birthday party which was pretty excellent platform for networking. Meet some locals who were willing me take to Boston. My stay in NJ was about three nights which was exciting and worth. I used Couch Surfing for my stay in NJ. My host was more charged than me, Mike is from NJ living with friends. We bunch of friends explored every part of city in Night. Our group of friends was diverse, but excellent combination like Oxygen and Hydrogen (H2O). 

My next stop was Boston, Massachusetts (MA) driving from NJ to Boston was bit bumpy and adventures too. First our car brooked down on highway while passing through Connecticut. Then when we entered in MA tire got flat. These all small hookups have given us the chance to experience the country side where you get to so many indigenous people. After driving for 6 hours, we were in Boston which was the certainly happiest moment and also fulfilled our scene of achievement.  I have had heard a lot, that Boston is considered the education hub of the world. After visiting Harvard University and MIT was best experience of my life. Look at the stars in MIT is like walking in galaxy, meeting with Mr. Albert Einstein and thanking him for his great contribution was honor for me. Having coffee in the street coffee shops and observing the surrounding made me realize that how cultured and fashionable locals are in the city. It was my excellent stay in Boston, meeting new souls and interacting with them was knowledgeable for me and also for my friends.

Our next stop was Washington DC, The White House which turned out as a bad choice as White House is closed for general public visit due to some random issues, but other visits were worth spending time.

We all came back to NYC about eight days after when we started from NJ, after dropping me off my rest of the friends headed back to NJ. This was the best trip of my life, company of locals really turned my trip a life time experience and the moment they left I was started missing them. They all were great humans who believe in living life freely.

Coming back to NYC also gave me change to see Rocker Filler Center and other important monuments of USA. My Stay was about to coming to end and leaving all those memories inside me which help me realize that life is beautiful and one should explore every part of this beautiful world. On my way back I had connecting flight from Milan, Italy. Milan is very expensive city, one packet of pasta is US 6$ and other things you can imagine. So after about 15 house flight I reached my home land about 7 am in the morning.

The visit to USA was extensive learning for me in term of culture, customs and society. In my opinion USA have very open and divert society and social norms are pretty flexible. It is worth if anyone planning to visit USA. 

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