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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Egypt | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 3 photos

I took these photos in Dahab Island. its a small island inside the Nile river in Cairo, Egypt where the locals are living a simple farmer life.
My name is Eman Magdy, a 28 years old Egyptian female. My hometown is Cairo, Egypt. I have graduated from the Accounting Department in the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University and working now as a document controller in a Real State company in Cairo.
I am sociable and have a lot of curiosity to meet new people, especially from different cultures and point of views which gives me more experience in life and on a personal level - from my point of view communication is the essence of life.
I’m passionate about arts in general: music, painting, photography, graphic design and so on. Arts always have a role in influencing people around us, and sometimes it helps to raise a human need for help or brings joy to a disabled! It adds value to people’s life everywhere, no matter what language they speak or what kind of life they are living. Arts are a form of communication. As a form of art, good pictures are the most expressive channel in the media: It could start a war or even end one, it always tells a story within its frame. It’s stronger than words and deeper than feelings. It’s sometimes a man’s legacy, a man’s precious memories.
I love the thrill of taking photos of nature and animals, photos of people getting busy with life. It’s like taking role in documenting life and entertaining the viewers and at the same time taking influence: I love it when I see different point of views interfering with each other over a photo. It encourages people to share, exchange and, by this communication, learn from each other.
I’m not yet a full time photographer, but my ambition is to become one and that my photos would contribute to the world.

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