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In remote northern Romanian villages secular traditions blend with modern influences.

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Romania | Friday, 15 October 2010 | 5 photos

I started to tremble on a road outside Wien while I waited for a kind-hearted driver to take me further. I left Bucharest hoping to reach Paris by hitchhiking: 1500 miles. It was 3 AM and the narrow space at the edge of the road barely allowed me to carry my backpack on my shoulders and keep myself a little warmer. My dad’s words kept rushing in my head: “YOU’LL NOT MAKE IT!”.

Several years later I became a Management Professional but my inner-self was thrilling for adventure. I quit my job for an ideal difficult to reach: to travel around the world. I failed. But the efforts that I faced at that time fueled my passion for photography and inspired me thoroughly.

Documenting the moments of transition from a traditional culture to a modern one in the remotest Romanian villages became my objective for the years to come. As one of the last European countries still deeply rooted in ancestral values, Romania seems to be overcome by the rush of our times. It is this critical moment in our national identity transformation that I tried to capture in my images.

Considering that I took on my knowledge in photography exclusively through individual study and practice, I could only wish to expand my horizons by experiencing a short but significant apprenticeship in one of the world class master’s workshops. The location where these could become possible, Bhutan, a country where tourism and external factors are strictly monitored, would be a fascinating site to explore.

I hope to get from this scholarship a revitalization of my own artistic visions and an approach enriched with new perspectives. All these will further influence my documenting projects and hopefully will transmit an essential message back to the generations that now shape my society’s evolution.

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