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For the last ten years I have fulfilled lots of dreams, I have always had a passion for travelling, the unknown and the thrill of the journey.  To me, my means of travel as well as the destination are equally important, and I much prefer overland but of course this is not always possible. This year I have been travelling by water and I hope to sail off to other places later next year, I also love road trips and just taking the small random roads that are not even on the map.  I hope to do a lot more travelling in the next few years and I think Asia will be my next big trip.  I like to go on long trips and this started in 2004 when a trip to Canada lasted over a year, I made my way down the west coast, then into the USA then Central America and onto the top part of South America.  I spent nearly two years in the Italian culture of Sicily which is a real mixed bag and in February returned from a 15month trip in Australia and New Zealand. In June 2012, I travelled from Iceland to Greenland by sailboat which was fascinating, the midnight sun and icebergs as big as islands were incredible. To me it feels very normal to want to see the world and different cultures, my main goal is to immerse myself into the lives of the inhabitants of each country I go to and keep off the tourist trail..I succeed very well in this with the help of a website were I stay with families for room and board in return for a few hours work a day or seeking out co-operatives in small villages and make use of the excursions or lodgings they offer, for example in the Honduran Highlands, I went on a horse ride to a waterfall, roasted my own coffee beans from bush to bag with a lovely old, old lady in her humble house, made a very bad jug in a potter's class in an old man's back garden, I was interesting and fun, except for the massive spider in the grey concrete block shower cubicle!.. but I liked the idea that I was contributing to the economy of this village in the middle of nowhere, and able to get an insight into the lives of the people who lived there.  As well as the people I am equally, possibly if not more, interested in the diverse flora and fauna of any country I visit as to how both humans and animals adapt to life around each other, this was especially interesting in Australia as they have so many deadly animals, reptiles and insect! I hope that everybody gets a chance to travel at some point in their life, not everyone wants to and thats cool, I have a sister who does not have a passport, but for those that do I hope they feel the spirit of adventure that I feel every time I pack and come back from that trip with a more open minded view of the world and a little bit more humble because of it.....Never Stop Exploring :D

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