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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

India | Thursday, 3 November 2011 | 5 photos

Photography started as a hobby. I'd never really thought that it would end up becoming the most important part of me. I am a University student and I live in New Delhi, India. My constant endeavor when I take a picture is to tell a story through each photograph that I take. I like my photographs to speak for themselves. What drives me is to perform better all the time, to make breathtaking images and to learn as much as I possibly can. When I look at the photographs of the people whose work I admire, I strive to reach on the same level as they are and that continously helps me perform better. My biggest passions are travel and photography. Travel because you get to learn so much from it and you absorb it. So I really love the fact that if I win this scholarship, I would get to learn a lot from a photographer like Jason Edwards.
Why I love photography is really hard to explain. To me, its' a part of my identity, it helps me express things that I cannot put into words. I'm not a verbose person so I constantly strive to express myself through images.
These photographs are a part of my travel to a place called Chandni Chowk in India which is a part of Old Delhi.
Since I'd never been to Chandni Chowk before, the visit came as an eye opener. I wanted to capture the chaos, the smugness of people despite living in the condition they were living in.
Despite living in conditions like that, they were content with the work that they did and that reflected in their attitude.
Despite the place being busy all the time, the photographs tell you that each person has a sense of identity that is not lost in a crowd.
I would like my photographs to be chosen because they not only give you a true picture of the story I'm trying to tell but each frame speaks for itself, without the help of words.

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