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London Natural History and Science Museum

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 13 May 2015 | Views [345]

I have a lot of content hanging around from my 2007 trip to Europe, and after finding the World Nomads site I got travel nostalgia and want to share my musing with you. We start in London, with 24 year old me and my (now) husband Tim.

First, a note on using internet cafes from someone who’s used a few in her time. Choose carefully, or like me, you’ll end up sitting in a sweat-box full of computer gas and people who have not yet discovered deodorant.

Choose a station near the doorway and in a cozy corner, otherwise you'll be at the mercy of every crazy that comes and sits down next to you smelling of bin.

We went to the theatre last night (pronounced the-ate-er by my old English literature teacher. He’s ruined me for that word forever). It was AWESOME. Apart from the swaying lady, who sat in front of me leaning forward in her seat, swaying every time the music came on. I spent most of my night anticipating the swaying and moving from side to side to maintain my view of the stage. Note to self: invest in the expensive tickets next time.

Yesterday was a trip back in time to primary school, with the Natural History museum. We saw some big ass dinosaur bones and some little ass ones. In some ways they were even scarier than the big ones.

The 'mammal' exhibit was half full of Australian mammals, but all of them were strangely washed out. Their fur has faded considerably since they were stuffed. I pointed at the Tasmanian Devil and said in my best Aust-ray-lyan accent, 'Where's it's stripes, cobber?’ Tim ignored me. Every animal in there was beige, even the lions. I suppose that comes with age and I should be happy they don’t kill and stuff more animals to make their exhibits exciting.

An unexpected plus of the museum was the Minerals Hall. I know, you're going 'What?!?” I rediscovered all the things that I thought were cool about primary school science, comets, meteors, and cool shiny rocks. There was a whole case of diamonds (reproductions, I checked).

From the Natural History Museum, it was a short trip to the Science Museum. This was slightly less cool. While Tim salivated over steam engines and rockets, I looked for places to sit. We saw missiles and the inside of a plane like the one we caught over here (not a good idea if you are not good with flights).

We went to the IMAX and saw a dinosaur film. It was narrated by Michael Douglas, and through the whole film, whenever he said a dinosaur name ('diplodocous' for example), I wondered how long it had taken him to get the pronunciation of the name right.

The palaeontologists were also a lot better looking than history has taught me they were. I remember films from my childhood with big hairy fat men holding bits of bones in their dirty paws. But these were 'Hollywood' style palaeontologists; they all had 'manageable' hair and thin limbs. Although, I think the thin part had a lot to do with the size of the IMAX screen. Ladies, if you want to look good on TV, make it a big one!

Who am I? I’m a craft and DIY blogger located in Perth, Western Australia. I want to share my 2007 travel posts with the world, but they don’t fit into my bog niche so I decided to post them here! A lot of the stuff is still relevant, and hopefully you’ll find it both amusing and helpful if you’re planning a trip to Europe. You can check out my blog, Eryn_With_A_Y here.

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