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About emmapfister

In Spain, I am the Kapitan!

In Spain, I am the Kapitan!

I love traveling. My connection to traveling is through people and place. You can be in a really beautiful place in the world, but it's only pretty until you fall in love with the people. People make place. I love uncovering what makes each place special, uncovering those stories of love, adventure, history, determination, and kindness. 

Looking backwards, this probably all started when I was a little tiny creature wondering airports (seriously getting lost) connecting my way through the US to visit my grandparents. Or it might be that my Dad drove an 18-wheeler for years and I would pack myself into his truck for a month or so and tour the US with him. Whatever it was, in each journey, I found a person and a story. It was the flight attendant who held my hand and walked me through O'Hara telling me how flying was the most courageous thing she had done. The truck drivers who told wild tails of traveling the country and slowing down by flying their doors out like wings. The person and the story made the place. 

I am forever indebted to the people who share their stories with me, because each one gave me something. By sharing, I hope you can take something as well. 

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About emmapfister

In Spain, I am the Kapitan!

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