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A Lily in the Land of Gold

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Myanmar | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 4 photos

Photography is part of my life. My mother had an extensive career both in front of and behind the camera, I often tagged along, observing the process. As a child at our family cottage, I acquired a plastic Crayola camera, and took what I thought were great pictures. Fast forward to my teens, armed with an old Minolta, I was the photographer amongst my friends. I viewed my surroundings as if through a lens, framing photos in my mind, creating visual memories. Transitioning to University, I grew conscious of my wanderlust, to see other cultures and other ways of inhabiting this fascinating world. So I made a commitment to myself, worked two jobs, took a hiatus from my degree, bought a digital SLR, and traveled. The more I traveled and the more I saw, the more I wanted to share what I was privileged to see. In daily life we are blinded, as racehorses are, no longer approaching our visual world with wonder. I want to share the beauty that resides within happiness, chaos, and misery, from the commonplace to the unbelievable. I am an observer of humanity and I want to recount its story through photography. I feel that when others see the world around them, I see a photo.

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