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I've seen my share of the planet and I intend to see more!  I'm currently planning a trip for my 50th birthday (I'm 47 now) - I'm not sure where I'll end up going either. I do have the possibilities narrowed down. When I was a kid I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau.  Unfortunately, the job was taken and I had to look into other 
opportunities!  Had things turned how I had intended back then I would have been a marine biologist.  The further I got into Biology, the smaller everything became and I realized I didn't like the microscope! I'm a big
picture thinker with a keen interest in culture and I ended up being a Geographer! It's much more suited to my talents.

I've always found cultural differences intriguing and have been fortunate to have a culturally diverse family
and group of friends! The sights and sounds of other cultures intrigue and compel, almost hypnostize me
and draw me in. I want to immerse myself:wear the clothes, eat the food (most of it), hear the music, learn the dances and observe sacred rituals.

More later...

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