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PERU | Wednesday, 30 September 2009 | Views [602] | Comments [1]

I cooked dinner!  Lots of veggies, chicken, and pasta.  No rice or potatoes!

I cooked dinner! Lots of veggies, chicken, and pasta. No rice or potatoes!

So, I´m doing really well at keeping up with this novela (soap opera) called Al Fondo Hay Sitio. Some days I understand more than others, but it´s still funny because it´s so over-acted! Monday nights at 8:00, and if you miss it, check it out on Tuesday, too!

Yesterday, I watched a baseball movie with Kevin Costner all dubbed in Spanish without subtitles. It was a little slow, but I was able to follow it. It´s a bit easier to learn watching movies or tv shows (like Friends) in English with Spanish subtitles.

As for music, I bought a few cds, and Darcy said he´d make sure I got the other songs that I had on my list. It´s fun to watch the Top 20 countdown. I´m able to recognize a lot of the popular music...including Michael Jackson´s Billy Jean. Goodness knows why everyone here loves that song so much, but they do. I even saw a performance by a Peruvian guy dancing and singing it before a concert. Currently, my favorite song is called El Amor (The Love) by Tito El Bambino. It is very pretty, easy to sing along with, and I´m learning the words...which makes it even easier to sing along with! It talks about love in all its forms, and the video is sweet, too. It shows romantic love, a punk guy helping an old man across the street, a mom with her newborn, etc. The words talk about ¨Love is magic, it´s like a dream that at the end you find it...it´s like a light that fills up your soul...it increases like clouds in the sky...it makes the world go around...it´s incredible...¨ etc...

I´ve done some dancing here in Peru...salsa and bachata mostly, but I enjoy dancing to the reggaeton music, too. They play a bit of everything in the clubs. Mythology starts with salsa, then bachata and cumbia, followed by reggaeton and hip hop, with some techno towards the end of the night. Oh, and also lots of American 80s music or early 90s...stuff you´d never actually hear in a bar at home. Hilarious. I love it!

And the picture of the food I cooked for dinner, just because I don´t have pictures of dancing or singing or watching tv. We watched tv while we ate this! The counts, right? And it was sooo nice to have lots of veggies without any rice or potatoes to be seen! A little chicken, some pasta, veggies, and extra broccoli. Yum Yum. Not like home...but good. It was a nice bottle of Chilean wine, too.



Wow, can you get a sappier song than El Amor. I think I made a valentine's day card with that on it once for class. I am sure you will play if for me when you come back to the states...whether I ask or not. :)

  Lindsey Oct 11, 2009 11:07 AM

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