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USA | Tuesday, 26 January 2016 | Views [366]

Join us as we share the ongoing ADVENTURES of Kieren and "Herbus" (fitting name for this custom made traveling companion, as it is Her Bus rightfully so, EMBÆRK Ltd.)  We at EMBÆRK are inspired by her story and have teamed up to share the journey in her words.

"WHAT DRIVES YOU?  Taking the road less traveled isn't the easiest, but be inspired by those who are on the journey."   EMBÆRK Ltd.

Week One: 
December 15 - 22, 2015


What a week it has been.  It's hard to believe one week ago I was rushing to pack the bus prior to a interview with CTV News.  An interview that I never thought would get the coverage it did.  I originally thought it wouldn't even make the local news,  it would just be a clip on the CTV website.  The support I received from that interview was incredible.  I feel so blessed to have had hundreds of people wishing me the best on my trip.  I had advice,  and welcomed words of caution as well.  The love from all of these people, most of whom I have never met,  was overwhelming and heart warming.  I can't thank everyone enough. 

 Calgary was my first stop.  I ended up staying there a bit longer than I thought I would.  But that is the best part about this trip.  The lack of a plan.  I spent an awesome couple nights with my cousin,  and explored around Calgary as well.  

After Calgary I took a quick tour up to Lake Louise for a few hours.  The dogs and I had a lovely,  chilly,  beautiful walk.  It was well worth the detour prior to heading to Kimberley,  BC. 



My parents own a small home in Kimberley that they are redoing.  We use it as a vacation home,  and I actually lived in it for almost 5 years during college.  When I arrived in Kimberley I had to chisel through the ice to get into the house.  But once inside it felt like home.  It is amazing how many memories can come flooding back when you are somewhere familiar.  

In the days that followed, I went out in Cranbrook,  and had a night at the ski hill and local pub in Kimberley. The dogs and I explored the Nature Park.  Ryder,  my 3 year old husky,  and I used to do that same walk daily,  so she was very excited. I was so thrilled to see and catch up with everyone!  The friends that I have in BC still mean the world to me. 

On the drive out to Kimberley,  I had appropriately 8 out of 10 hours with no music.  I had previously purchased a Sirius radio set up (used....my mistake #1) but it was not working for me.  In Cranbrook I found out my tape player (yes,  tape player) and radio set up in the bus wasn't working either.  So a HUGE shout out to Farbrook Auto who hooked me up with music AND Bluetooth prior to me leaving.  Now,  not only do I stick out because of the color of the bus,  but I also stick out as the chick dancing and singing as she's driving a bus...


The border was so smooth.  I was really worried they would tear this place a part.  There are so many nooks and crannies in here,  that I was very concerned I'd be there for hours.  But they came to the door,  I gave them the paperwork,  and they double checked that my mini Christmas tree was okay to go through.  Once it was double checked I was good to go.  The lady who helped me through was also in love with the dogs,  and a few people were interested in the bus as well.



"However it does amaze me how easily other people can make an adventure seem more difficult than it may be.  All of these doubts rang through my mind,  and it caused me to begin to doubt myself as well. Was I making the right choice?" Kieren Britton


After the CTV News interview,  amongst all of the loving support and amazing people,  I had a lot of feedback about the border crossing,  and the trip in general.  I've crossed the border with the dogs a few times before,  so even though some people thought that that would be difficult I knew it would be OK.  However,  some people said that my bus wouldn't be allowed in, or that it's made out of the wrong metals,  or the conversion wouldn't be legal.  Some said I had the wrong license,  others that the bus wouldn't be capable of making it long distances. Or just straight up thought I was insane for trying. As far as legalities go,  I made sure to check everything out, in each state and province I go through with the local authorities.  However it does amaze me how easily other people can make an adventure seem more difficult than it may be.  All of these doubts rang through my mind,  and it caused me to begin to doubt myself as well. Was I making the right choice? What if I break down,  or stranded? What if I don't make it where I want to go.  What if I run out of cash? Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and stick to your dreams. Everyone will always have opinions of your journey,  but in the end it is your opinion that matters.  As long as you do the research,  sticking to your goals and dreams is really what counts.  My gas tank,  or should I say diesel tank,  is full. 

Week One Fun Facts:

- coldest night spent in the bus without heat: - 21 degrees Celsius.  Won't do that again.  
- total hours sleeping at that temperature: 1 hr... 
- $ conversion rate when entering the states: $1.43 CAN = $1 US....  Ouch. 
- number of speeding tickets (or more accurately "Kieren missed the sign"  tickets): 1 (nice cop though,  he even came and checked out the bus!)

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