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Westward, ho.

Sarkozy, C'est Fini!: A Moment in Paris

France | Thursday, May 23, 2013 | 5 photos

I am obsessed with capturing the essence in everything I encounter. I photograph to document a range of subject matter, from the sublime to the mundane. I thrive in nature, and enjoy taking time to notice visual patterns, relationships and intricate details in everything I see. I love to travel and have a great deal of experience doing so independently, throughout Europe, America, Japan, and Thailand. I would relish the opportunity to travel to Greenland and would undertake this assignment with dedication, determination and great zeal.
I shoot in 35mm and favour the raw quality of this medium which is often lost in in digital photography. I don't retouch my photographs. I am interested in capturing things in their natural states in order to reveal their true essence, and to highlight something unexpected and raw about them.
The opportunity offered by this scholarship would be invaluable, both in terms of gaining experience, and would open doors, allowing me to pursue my passion more seriously.
The photographs I am submitting are a series I took in Paris last year on the 6th of May when the results of the Presidential election were announced at the Bastille.

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