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a smile can change the world

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | 5 photos

A smile can change the World.

Since hundreds of years ago, women & children have been oppressed and abused. Tibet is a big example of this. They either live on the exile or are trapped at their own cities, ruled by the Chinese oppression. Pain is present very deep inside their souls. Yet, their joyful nature and faith gives them the strength to wait for a change. Their pain, life’s conditions & oppression can be transformed… we need to let the World know!

I am Jorge Gonzalez, Mexican & citizen of the World. A natural born idealist, committed to do my part to make a better Planet. My biggest passion is mankind. I have a deep sensitivity for the pure essence of people’s lives & it is through travel photography that I have been able to discover the amazing differences and similarities of what makes us humans.

For me, photography goes beyond an image, it’s an experience, a gift for me, for others, the biggest “speaker” possible & a powerful life changer for all. Based on these beliefs, I created a non-profit international movement: United Noses, that based on photography gives each person a free moment of joy & creates a universal mosaic of happiness.

Just the idea of seeing myself in Africa with National Geographic & World Nomads, putting together my passions: people & photography makes me very happy already. I am sure that everything that I will learn from the journey itself & from Jason Edwards will expand my vision of the World, and will make me a much better person.

Thanks for choosing me as the winner,
Sincerely, Jorge Gonzalez … elidealista.

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