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Mexico | Friday, 2 September 2011 | 5 photos

My name is Elias, i'm a student of digital arts in Mexico. I love photography and is my favorite specialization for my career.
My chosen photographs are a narrative travel to the past, the subjects appearing in the photos are things that used to be very useful or they were important for someone one day, and now they're forgotten in an old house. These shoot was made in a city called Morelia in the country of Mexico. Looking to the past by a photography is a kind of art that I consider is very valuable in terms of preservation for future generations.

I should be chosen because i'm a very passionate person in everything i do and mostly in photography. I really want to learn and open my mind and heart for new knowledge. I consider myself a very hardworking person, I always do my best and when I do not feel satisfied with my result I redesign my techniques to achieve or get what I'm looking for.
I love traveling and I want to dedicate my life to photography, so i think this a very unique opportunity to learn from a person and a team how is life in the professional world of photography.

I want to discover new horizons for my life and even for my professional career.

I consider myself a ver disciplined person but also an open minded and free guy, i enjoy everything I do and I also see for my country, to bring new knowledge and experiences can be very motivating for others and this will work to impulse the concept of photography.

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