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People seem to like to tell me I can't make a career out of the things I love. They ask how I think I'm going to find a professional position writing and reading and traveling and eating. They tell me to be more sensible. 

I consider myself very sensible. I follow the things that make me happy. I am a writer and an epicure. I know that my wanderlust will lead me across the globe many times but I will often return to California, to Los Angeles where I live now and to the Napa Valley/Bay Area where I spent my adolsence. Travel is essential to writers. It is also essential to curious, passionate eaters. A fine meal is a sort of gustatory poetry - one can communicate anything in a dish, despite all language barriers. But I love words as much as I love food, and thus I've tried my tongue at the Italian and French languages to better know their cultures. 

With culinary and literary greats before me, like MFK Fisher and Julia Child, I may not know how I'm going to do it, but I know it can be done - I'm going to write and read and travel and eat and have a grand time.

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