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About elainevbarrett

I'm an American with an overdeveloped sense of adventure.  I have gotten a job teaching at Sanggye ECC in Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea and shall be arriving there in mid September and will be living there for a year. 

I love hiking, photography, computers, writing, audiodrama, animals, music, theater, sushi, and trying anything at least once.

Live life to the fullest and explore as much as possible.  Anything is possible.  Don't let your fears keep you from exploring new things and taking on challenges.

Music: Classical, celtic, movie soundtracks, broadway, Josh Groban

Movies: LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, fantasy, sci fi, drama, action, romance, comedy - anything but horror

Books:  Laurell K. Hamilton, Laurie R. King, Tolkein, Victor Hugo, Robert Jordan, Dennis McKiernan, Anne McCaffery, Piers Anthony, Diana Gabaldon - pretty much mystery, sci fi, fantasy, romance, drama.  I read a lot of different books.

People I enjoy: Artists, musicians, philosophers, adventurers, actors, writers, computer geeks - pretty much anyone who is interesting and has a story to tell.  Everyone has something to teach.  I'm more the zany creative/intellectual/adventurer type.

I have flown over the top of Denali, climbed Mount Marathon for a 10pm picnic, and gone whale watching off the coast of Seward, Alaska.

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