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Eidôs The ancient Greeks would tell you: the one who says 'eidôs' is the one who says 'I see'.

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Hi there! Welcome to my journal! I'm a Brazilian undergraduate student in Social Communication, with focus on Journalism. I've been particularly engaged in both Science Journalism and Environmental Journalism. And, of course, in Photography! You see that beautiful young girl looking at you in my profile picture? Well, probably she’s got little to eat tonight, and certainly she will never know what it’s like to be in a university. Actually she spends her days helping her mom to take care of a dozen kids who share space in a poor Cambodian floating-slum. As that happens, we are here comfortably sitting in front of our fancy computers, maybe worried about what’s next on television. So get out of here and look at our crippled world, because someone is in need right now. Through the lenses we can share our ways, and also join the great work. After all, we might make of the world a better place for everyone. (Hope you enjoy my shots, though I'm still a beginner. Anyway, I appreciate your visit. Cheers!)

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