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The 'real' Japan

About duncast

"To show the world what is really there, not just what one thinks they see."

I believe photography is about portraying a scene in ways that people recognise, but at the same time, have never witnessed before. Anyone can take a photo of a scene, but I want to show the world what I can create through my lens in ways that are unique and yet completely relatable to other people who have witnessed the same scene.

Crafting most of my photographs require careful planning and patience, which from a glance of the result can seem simple, however I cannot control the weather, the light, and the majority of subjects I take photos of are immovable. I carefully weigh all of these factors into creating my art and the result are my numerous award-winning creations.

I draw much of my inspiration from the indefatigable Adelaide-based landscape photographer, David Evans, and as such I tend to use allot of long exposure techniques in my work, most obvious with my astro and waterfall photographs. Long exposure photography allows me to capture a series of events, or longer moments in time that the human eye cannot otherwise capture in a scene, hence helping me in my goal of showing the world what people recognise, but still be unique about it.

Having lived in Japan for 2 years, much of my work portrays a landscape of Japan not many people tend to associate with the country. I enjoy showing people the vivid colours and rolling landscapes of the countryside of Japan, along with traditional architecture and her vibrant people.

"There is a reason why Japan consume the most cameras in the world"

Other notable work focuses on the astounding landscapes around Australia and the South Pacific ocean, where I have travelled extensively other the last 5 years, solely for the sake of documenting it’s scenery in my own style of photography.

I have completed a Degree in Multimedia at the University of South Australia, a Certificate IV in Photo Imaging at TAFE SA and am currently studying for a Masters in Teaching at Flinders University; however I would very much like to pursue photography as my full-time profession.

What the future holds for me is unsure, I am planning on holding an exhibition for my work in the near future, and I would very much like to travel to the north of Australia and perhaps up into south Asia to create more stunning photography. In the meantime however I am very much enjoying branching out into event photography, having covered a few weddings in 2010 to great acclaim.

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