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My Good Deed

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 21 March 2010 | Views [643] | Comments [1]

I found this puppy on the street.

I found this puppy on the street.

In Latin America it is very common to see many dogs abandoned in the street.  Some cities are better than others in controlling the population of street dogs.  Here in Cordoba, the street dogs are relatively quiet, seem to be disease free, and not sooooo skinny!  I think that´s because people leave food for the abandoned dogs to eat.  One Sunday night I was taking out the trash and it just happen to be raining too.  When I opened my door to go outside, huddled in the corner was a young dog of about 7 months old (he was about 75% wire fox terrier).  He looked up at me with such sad eyes. I couldn´t leave him outside in the rain, so I first checked him for fleas and he didn´t have any, so I decided to take him inside with me.  I gave him food, a good bath, and played with him.  I gave him the name Domingo (which means Sunday, because I found him on a Sunday night). Domingo slept like a baby that night and didn´t make any noises or bother me at all.  It was obvious he felt he was in heaven.  He learned to go to the bathroom on newspaper in about 3 days, he didn´t bark, and we went for walks without a leash, and he stayed by my side the whole time. This young dog was so well-behaved, I am sure its because it didn´t want to be returned to the street!! I put an ad on two local internet sites and within one week, I had 3 phone calls.  Finally, a married couple who have a house with a backyard, and three children came by to take Domingo home with them! I was so happy (but of course sad too because I had grown so close to him in the 3 weeks he was with me).  So now I imagine him playing in a yard with children and having the time of his life. And its all because I had taken out the garbage at the precise time that he chose to sit at my door and wait out the rain. What a coincidence! I have done a good deed! 



good job dorina...me siento muy orgulloso de ti!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y domingo va a estar muy bien... :):)

  paquito Mar 23, 2010 4:03 AM



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