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Borderlines: Life in the mountains This journal documents my three months spent in the Doitung community in Northern Thailand, spending time with the peoples living in the mountains, hearing their stories of life under Chinese guerilla warfare, addiction to opium and forced work.

My Scholarship entry - The Northern Tribes of Doitung

Thailand | Sunday, 23 November 2014 | 5 photos

My name is Marie-Claire Thomas, I am an adventure-loving amateur photographer from the South East of England. Photography and travel have been inseperable for me from the start: capturing an emotive image is my way of honouring the shared humanity found across all borders of faith, lifestyle and geography.

If I were to accompany Jason on his assignment I would be hardworking, attentive to the needs of the moment, and keen to learn through observing his technique. I am passionate about improving my visual vocabulary, and am convinced I am up to the job. Everything I know about photography has been through experimentation, and at this stage I´m really craving professional mentoring to improve. I am aware of my current reliance on imaging software and would love to learn how best to capture the moment without technology.

I specialized in the social anthropology of indigenous Peru at university and have a genuine interest in its peoples, culture and natural world. I am a trained linguist, fluent in Spanish and can communicate easily with almost anyone.

I believe I would contribute well to the project as Jason´s assistant and would love to build on the skills I have gained so far.

About doitung

Where forests grow now was a barren landscape of slash and burn opium farmland as far as the eye only twenty years ago. 

Despite the relative peace now, local rumours of continued nightly traffic across the mountains remain. Tribesmen and gardners charged with replanting the Northern Thai-Myanmar border remain afraid to go outside at night.

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