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There were some danger routes with mines left from war

There were some danger routes with mines left from war


My name is Omer and in next few words im goin to try to tell you something bout myself. First of all, im a big advanturer and i would die for some shoots of adrenalin in my veins. PEOPLE say that im very comunicative and something about "BIG charisma", great personality and so. Personaly, i love people, spend time with people and i can adjust to any kind of person. I noticed that im good with strangers, maybe the real reason for that is satiety of local people. I didnt get to far in my life in my profesional plans but i live my life from day to day hoping that miracle is going to happen and something will change that state ( not literaly sitting and doing nothing :) ), but beside that i am trying to spend more and more time in nature habitat, trying to heal myself from this world madness. Truly, i do not know much about photography, i red some stuff about it, about the way how to take pictures (something like, its not good that object you are taking picture of on the centre of te picture) but i havent got in that any deeper and would like to learn more. I like to take picures from time to time and that what drives me to do it is some inner feeling.

Thats all from me, for now