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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Ecuador | Wednesday, 19 December 2012 | 5 photos

Who did I become? It is t time when I can no longer run from my true self.
As a child I played with a box camera. As a teenager I saved my money and purchased my first camera, a Pentax and loved the magic in a dark room. Medical school called and my creativity got put away. I sold my Pentax to pay first month’s rent at the clinic.
20 years of selfless service volunteering world wide as a naturopathic physician where I have witnessed the best in people as well as the worse. From the oceans of Hawaii to the pyramids in Egypt. From lands created by volcanoes and destroyed by the great tsunamis. On the dirt floor delivery room to the streets of Ecuador holding a stabbed woman who died in my arms.
I catch moments that make my heart sing or cry. My camera, passport, credit cards, and photo journal were stolen in Ecuador.
Why pick me? It is a time for a new identity. It is also the right thing to do. My passion for life is healing. With an open heart I offer medicine that heals most diseases. I heal myself with the magic of film. The medicine of my art will heal the planet. I have found The Doctor IS In me and I want you to pick me. We will all celebrate!

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