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Journal of Kings! (and mossy)

Work! Sort of. (and what is wrong with Canada?)

CANADA | Thursday, 15 April 2010 | Views [633] | Comments [1]


We got jobs! Kind of. Mossy is covering for Ross doing landscape gardening since Ross has injured his shoulder and is out of work. Dan (that's me!) has landed a 20 hour a week job booking clients for an acting School (Gareth Lush are you available?) which is only temporary until I can find something better. Only good thing about the acting school job is that regularly they have famous people come by for autograph signings and the staff usually get to gang out with them. A few weeks back they had that ponce Robert Pattison from twilight. I would have battered him if I was there. lol.

Other than that I can't think of much of note that we've done. We spent a day up in stanley park which is STUNNING. Seriously, google it until we get a chance to put our pics up. It's a big ass national park, forest in the middle, mountains round one edge and the pacific on the other. Mossy saw a heron. I saw a dragon. Good times.

I'd also like to point out a few things that are annoying me about Canada:

1) Tax isn't added on to the price of items at shops. If a shop says $3.99 for something, USUALLY they will add tax on when you go to pay. I say USUALLY because that's not always the case. Sometimes they advertise $3.99 and god dang it that's what you pay. It's like they don't even understand their own tax laws. I asked a lady in the Bakery why they do this, her answer was, "Because we're Canadian". That's not freaking good enough! Jeez.

2) Their coins don't make any sense. Seriously. Which is a bigger value of money - 5p or 10p? Simple (the answer is 10p by the way). Therefore which denomination of coin should be bigger 5p or 10p? In england, its the 10p, which makes perfect sense. In Canada a 5cent piece is twice the size of a 10cent piece, and only slightly smaller than a quarter. Pain in the ass when you're trying to sort out change for the damn bus.

3) Tips are mandatory. And god forbid if you tip less than 20%. You are the lowest scum if you do not tip AT LEAST 20%, even if the service is terrible. Can't wait to start work in a restaurant!

4) One plastic carrier bag. One measly, crappy plastic carrier bag. One horrible, poncy carrier bag which my mum has thousands of in her 2nd kitchen draw. One dumb-ass carrier bag cost me THREE FUGGING DOLLARS. Oh. My. Days.

Uh, that's all I got for now.

Also, one funny thing that happened today. Me and ross (not ross and I), went to have a word with a landlord about a house this afternoon. We went to his house which was AMAZING and had beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean. Appaza his house was worth $5,000,000. Anyways, he didn't have any rooms but he said he'd contact us regarding any spare rooms. $500 a month each, no security deposit. "No security deposit?" I asked. He answers, Rob Kelly-esque, "I'm a 2nd black belt, *I'm* the security deposit. You fuck with my house, I fuck with you" (sorry for the language mum!). What a hero.

Mossy said he had something to add. Let's see if that happens when he gets back from wherever he is.

Stay cool.

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hi dan well done on securing urself a job.do u want me to post u sum fugging carrier bags!!!!!!!!!!!lol.

  mum Apr 16, 2010 5:56 AM

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