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About me? I'm Izzy, I'm 18 and I'm Australian. I come from a large and dramatic family. I'm the oldest girl, but the third child. I started uni at the beginning of this year expecting to LOVE it. Id already begun planning a trip to Finland with one of my best friends in the semester break.


Uni began. And i hated it. I hated the style of teaching. I hated how impersonal it was. I loved school. I loved knowing my teachers and having them take an interest in what i do. And so my life plan of history/archaeology/the classics in academia went out the window. I couldn't survive another 7 years of this- how long i needed to get my masters/PHD. I dont even think i could stuggle through the 3 or 4 year degree to acquire my tertiary education.

"Think of Finland" was my mantra. It would pull me through.

But how was i supposed to go back to uni when i got back from Finland..? What i really wanted to do was go to a tropical island... and back to Europe and stay with obscure family relations... and find myself lost in Vietnam and Cambodia... and road trip around Australia... and see the Cherry Blossoms bloom in Japan... and be surrounded by mountains in Canada... and..

Oh dear... I think im coming down with something.. a permanent condition...travel fever.. Yep I'm sure of it now and its far too late. I'll just wallow in my sickness and lose myself to the discovery of this wonder this world holds..

Finland First.. then to wherever the whim of winds will take me.

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