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Trails and Ruminations


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 21 Sep 2009 | Views [384] | Comments [3]

Oh right today is Monday time to update my blog. Drank a lot on the weekend.  Looking for jobs and working out during the week. The end. Disco

Footy Grand Final

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 14 Sep 2009 | Views [344]

The local footy club had their grand final this week, so that was what I've been up to this week. The local club has turned around a few lean seasons, mostly off the back of their new coach. He played at a pretty high level and by all reports he's ... Read more >

Catching crabs

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 7 Sep 2009 | Views [1508] | Comments [5]

Been out of work for this week, have been trying not to waste it so far although I've been a it unwell which has hindered my part. So I went to get my PADI and had to go to an audiologist before my doctor would clear me, and the audiologist tells me ... Read more >

No more work

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 31 Aug 2009 | Views [449] | Comments [1]

Not too much to report on this week. I quit my job although am still on good terms with my boss, I am hoping to move into something better, regular hours would be nice and something a bit 'career orientated' but we'll see how that goes. Weekend ... Read more >

Gallery: River Fishing

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 24 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Fishing and drinking

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 24 Aug 2009 | Views [1255] | Comments [2]

Had a pretty good week. First up I've got this new workout I've invented where I go along to my gym during the day and use the gymnastic mats and boxing bags to create a bit of an mma-type work where I at least get to punch a bag and work on my ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 17 Aug 2009 | Views [360]

Had the weekend off, first one in ages, was quite a bender. Went out on Friday night, got massively drunk. Played Golf at Laguna, a fancy gold course where they bring you beers on a golf cart, very unforgiving but a lot of fun. Even if I lost 14 golf ... Read more >

The Great Walk

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 10 Aug 2009 | Views [523]

  I think one of the good things about keeping this journal is that you can't really hide from the truth. It would be easy up here to get lost in the party culture, work all week and on the weekend tear it up. Nothing wrong with living your life ... Read more >

Gallery: The Great Walk

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 9 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

conway state forest
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Nothing to report

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 3 Aug 2009 | Views [361] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone, not a huge update this week. Had Thursday and Friday off and I played some golf and did various things around the house. Although I worked on the weekend I kept up my new found ability to go out on Saturday and show up to work on Sunday.... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 27 Jul 2009 | Views [616] | Comments [3]

After a week in which I struggled to get going after the hangover, I was in full swing by Friday, which involved going out and getting drunk. Anyway since I had my first weekend off in months, I decided to go over and see Andy Hatton in Hamilton island.... Read more >

Back of a Ute

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 20 Jul 2009 | Views [640] | Comments [1]

mmm. Well I had Tuesday off in which I played 18 holes of golf, topping off my best score ever of 122 with a birdie on the 18th. I've never even gotten par before and now a birdie, awesome. I was supposed to have Wednesday off but one of the girls had ... Read more >

Golf, fun to play,

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 13 Jul 2009 | Views [410]

So my days off at work are a bit weird at the moment, and because I had a split weekend and have been sick I didn't really get up to anything too interesting. Well, not that makes for a good story anyway, I played a lot of golf, watched UFC100, saw my ... Read more >

Gallery: Sea Kayaking

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 6 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Sea Kayaking

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 6 Jul 2009 | Views [480] | Comments [5]

Bit of a quiet one this week. Had Thursday and Friday off so went Sea Kayaking Thursday morning. Was good fun, just did the half day, which was probably good because Wednesday arvo I realised I was getting sick again. Twice since I've been here ... Read more >

Gallery: Silent Night

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 29 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

June 09
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Silent Night

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 29 Jun 2009 | Views [1098] | Comments [4]

Wow.  Just wow. Went on a two day two night sailing trip on a yacht called 'Silent Night' and it was one of the best things I've ever done. Seriously, if I was to name off the top of my head all the best things I've ever done, it would look ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 22 Jun 2009 | Views [641] | Comments [7]

Well I know that I have three casual readers in Woodland, Nicko and Bron. There are six others that I can think of that requested I start this up again, so I'm quite surprised to see numbers that low, although I sorta figured Paula and Anna would drop ... Read more >

Gallery: Cedar Falls and the Marina

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 14 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Ocean Free

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 13 Jun 2009 | Views [614] | Comments [3]

  My week was slightly more interesting than normal because GT came here on Wednesday night and we got to hang out, had some mexican and just basically chatted about life. Great to see him again, he has some interesting projects on the horizon, ... Read more >

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