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North India - Traveling with a red nose

India | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ran from the bloody war to come to live in Italy.I'm a clown and working with children.My passion for photography has become a fundamental thing of my life,I can not live without it and every day I experience new things in search of my style.I'm young and I think I still have to learn a lot.With my camera capturing moments-hanging on my neck and my red nose kept in the pocket, but always ready to catch the moment of gestures, smiles, life.I understand that my body is a bit 'like a suitcase, in which I transport myself, emptying or filling it with what I will become. No matter when it is too heavy, because, if I care to carry it, it will be my support and not just my pack.To tell my stories,you should open the case and look inside.If I win this contest I want to realize my dreams photography, traveling, and then return to my country to photograph my people my places, my Bosnia.Until today I was self-taught and did not have money to invest in a photography school.Dream so that it opens a door for someone to take me by the hand.I feel that photography is part of my life.

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A little girl playing and smiling at the photographer a few minutes before had a red nose. The little girl had never seen a clown in his life

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