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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Mexico | Wednesday, 26 October 2011 | 5 photos

I am an amateur photographer, I love photography and most everything I've learned, I've learnt it myself. Dexterity on the camera means copious amounts of work that can only be improved. I've also learned editing myself and I have tried a few programs here and there. I want to become a filmmaker, I want to provoke a change on the whole of human kind for the better, and I know that I can if I am given the chance. It may sound corny, but aren't the most wonderful things corny? Somewhat, unbelievable? Earlier this year I went to the forest "The Primavera" with my school on a field trip in a photography course. Our assignment was simple, take pictures, yet I opted I would take it a step further and have those pictures be representative of my perception of the forest and what we were doing there. I've always said that if a picture does not produce emotion, reflection, or reaction, then it is not a good photo, doesn't matter how aesthetic it looks. With this in mind, I pursue what's provocative, what makes people smile, frown, or cry. The pictures here represent that trip: a dirt road, marked by numerous car prints, each with their own story; a river gushing down a steep little hill; A student taking a photo of a river, being the river more important than the student; 3 teachers walking a dirt road, with the enormousness of nature surrounding them; and a small lizard in a small, dried, wooden stick. Paths, a flow, a stop of time (a photo taken), earth, and life. These are the pictures I found most representative of that trip. I find that they represent dexterity on my end to take photographs and edit them. I am no professional, I am well aware. I hope I win, to travel to South Africa, to learn and to develop; I want to learn because I want to change the world.

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