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Grahan - An eclipsed Himalayan village

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 5 photos

I am a restless human from India haunted by and struggling with the sense of purpose in life. With my photographs I have tried to show the simple life style of people from Grahan, a village in Himalayas. These pure souls, by living hand in hand with nature set a simple and humble model for the rest to follow and leave a better earth for the coming generations.

At some point in my mediocre life, I found trekking and photography as the only ways to hang the sense of purpose and LIVE the moment. I just go out, explore and strive to spend vacations in destinations close to nature and reality away from noise and chaos. I am not a man of great morals but I always take great care not to spoil the virginity of hills that I trek. I photograph anything that has visual beauty and appeal that inspire awe every time we look at it.

Learning never stops. I learn from everything I see, including the subjects I capture. But, “Knowing is not enough, you should apply – Bruce Lee”. I honestly believe that working with you would make a difference, beyond doubt. If I can grow into someone who can visit destinations of obscure culture and wilderness, I can contribute to the world of photography and speak to the world through my photographs in my own style.

I sincerely leave it to you to imagine what this scholarship means to me, who, fascinated by nature and wildlife goes on solo-treks to fight his despondency, purely driven by whimsy wanderlust with the camera being his only armor. If I have to spend sleepless nights and days with barely a meal, it’s my game. I assure that I would prove worthy of your trust and investment.

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