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Me, Myself & I!

Me, Myself & I!

Greetings & Salutations!

I've traveled quite a bit in teh US & some in Canada for my work, but have rartely left the continent due to just that!... too much WORK! While I have been passionate about my life's work, I've only been to Europe for a month and Mexico intermittatnly for a couple of days. I DID live on an amazing rocky beach in Washington State for 35 years and am not back on Maui looking out over the island from Omaopio, Now I am in between carreers and looking forward to a little travel and getting another carreer together that inclcudes world travel. Since my new project is for conventions, I should be good to go! i'm EXCITED!

May be I'll see you "THERE!"

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About dawnly

Me, Myself & I!

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