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My Scholarship entry - The Life of a Canadian Hitchhiker

Canada | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

When I saw a link to this scholarship posted on my facebook, from a friend, my heart jumped out of my chest with excitement. Currently I'm living in Labrador, where I'm working to be able to travel. Getting my license, saving up money, gathering some photography gear that I couldn't afford when I was going to college for the past two years. An opportunity to be able to travel to the Peruvian Amazon, and learn from a NG Photographer, would be an opportunity that would stick with me for a lifetime. It would fulfill a life-long dream, of a step towards working for National Geographic. I grew up with the dream of working for National Geographic. If I were to have the lucky opportunity of traveling with Jason Edwards, it'd be the door I've been looking for to put me in the right direction of photojournalism. I may have earned a diploma in photography, but no amount of assignments or studio time, can teach me the skills I need to become a better travel photographer, and storyteller. I can only keep all my fingers and toes, maybe even my eyes, crossed in the hopes that I'm able to have this opportunity to meet Jason Edwards, and learn from someone who's doing exactly what I aspire to do.

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