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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Australia | Friday, 5 July 2013 | 5 photos

The world we occupy often gets taken for granted, in so many ways. We are, as individuals, are here for a short time therefore it is important for us to see and record as much of the beauty and harsh reality planet earth has to offer. Having traveled much of the world documenting the "things ive seen", and never once for financial gain, i now understand that photography is my true passion, travel is my passion, learning is my passion. I never want to stop learning, or seeing this world.

The average human will see the sun rise and sun set 25,550 times in their lifetime, i have already spent 12,410 of these. These numbers are the driving force behind my need to capture and create. The goal is to show these images and to help inspire others.

Spencer Kimball quoted “We learn to do, by doing.” This Scholarship opportunity underlines this mantra. Learning from those who know more, being surrounded and offering assistance to others who have done more. Learn by seeing how things are done, then use that knowledge and take it to the next level.

You have my undivided attention. i offer my unconditional service to my teacher, In order to take my photography to the next level.

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