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Colca Canyon

PERU | Saturday, 6 Dec 2008 | Views [160]

Well on the move again to see the Colca Canyon and some condors...we are now getting up to some serious altitude...over 5000m...the air is thin and it is bloody cold!!!!! We get to visit some local markets aqnd a beautiful canyon...and we see 3 condors.... Read more >


PERU | Tuesday, 2 Dec 2008 | Views [270]

A days travels from Nazca to Puerto Inca for a chill out day then a another day on the truck to Arequipa.  Probably one of the prettiest cities in Peru with the highlights being: - The Monasterio Santa Catalina - This is a beautiful, massive convent ... Read more >


PERU | Sunday, 30 Nov 2008 | Views [212]

The Nasca Lines are massive shapes in the sand spread over 500km. They were created by the Incas but there was no definitive reason why they are created. Some of them are hundreds of metres high in the shape of martians, eagles, whales and other ... Read more >

Huacachina - Sandboarding and Buggies

PERU | Saturday, 29 Nov 2008 | Views [289]

Huacachina was bloodly fantastic!  We managed to take a ride on these supped up V8 sand dune buggies...the tour operator advised against it as there has been previously some deaths on the buggies...  The ride on one of these is like the best rollercoaster ... Read more >


PERU | Friday, 28 Nov 2008 | Views [237]

Well it was time to leave Lima and off to Paracas NP.  We went off for a boat cruise where we saw a Candlelabra that was carved in the sand hundreds of years ago and then off to some islands to see Pelicans, Sea Lions and a large population of Pervian ... Read more >


PERU | Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 | Views [225]

Nothing much exciting today...the tour company booked me in one hotel had to meet up in another about 30 mins away...grrrr...  Brief loook around Lima but most of the day spent waiting for my bag to turn up!!

Sydney to Lima

PERU | Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008 | Views [268]

Well on got on the plane after a massive wait in the queue...bloody Qantas...and the flight was delayed by 30 mins as they couldn´t find a passenger...was getting a bit nervous about the connection in Buenos Aires as I only had 90 mins for the connection ... Read more >

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