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Living in the South Sinai

My Scholarship entry - Inshallah - Dahab´s spirit

Egypt | Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 5 photos

I am a 25 years old animal lover, nature addict and photo enthusiast. I´ve been photographing for over 8 years, starting with a small 4 MP camera in South Africa, where I lived for almost two years. As I am becoming an (tropical marine) ecologists my focus lies in nature and wildlife and especially in emphasizing environmental problems and the impact we humans are having. I have been lucky enough to travel many countries and have witnessed how bad the environment is treated in many places and that in many cases we live against it instead of traditionally with it. I want to spread awareness and love for nature. Eventually it comes down to the fact that you only protect what you love. That is one of the reason, why I came up with my blog last year, where I show photographs, report on environmental related issues or just share my personal thoughts.
To me it would be an extraordinary chance to enhance my techniques further with the help of Jason Edwards in the most beautiful setting of the Peruvian amazon! I have chosen the little town of Dahab situated in the South Sinai of Egypt, where I lived for half a year and conducted Reef Checks.
All the best!

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