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At the airport!

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 6 April 2007 | Views [866] | Comments [1]

I feel a bit like that little guy in the photo accompanying this entry. But unlike the koala who sleeps 20 hurs and plays 4, I am about to use all my energy in seeing Austria and Switzerland.  The fun begins shortly as I board my RYANAIR flight 306 plane to Salzburg. I got here to Stansted Airport at  abut 1 pm after heading out of Swansea at 630 this morning. Luckiy I slept abut the wole way so my tirdness has subsided but there are some remnants of jetlag from traveling from Australia earlier this week. But right now I coudn't b anymore excited - the anticipaton is moutning as if I were 5 again and was abut to burst thru the livig room doors to the Christmas tree. This airport is strictly forUK/Europe flights so its a neat atmospher with more backpackers visible than before and havng to walk outside to walk onto the plane. AM i DREAMIN? If so, nbdy even thnk abut waking me up. On the 8th- SUNDAY- i plan on going on a Lakes and Montains tour in the Salzkammergut Lake Region outside Salzburg. It is a complte picturesque area that I've read is one of the most beautiful i Austria. I think I just heard them say my flight is going to board... perhaps I should finsh up here. It ws funny outside the airport ealer as I sat on a bench and took out my lunch: a can of baked beans, can of tuna and an apple. I smiled as I saw some people look back at me trying to open a tuna can with a pocket knife and eating baked beans out of the n witha plastic spoon... probaby looed so pathetic. But if you know me then you knw i'll eat anything and be happy. Hey, if anyting it filled me up. But i may be  providing the airplane some xtra gas :) ha.. ooohhh boy well I'm ging to head to my gate. God Bless. I'll soak it all in for you all! Cat wait to share photos    Philippans 1:3, Craig

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My dear brother! What a cute little koala i see. I get so excited when I read your entries. What enthusiasm you have to see new places... it's still hard for me to believe you are over visiting austria and switzerland in your spare time. I hope it is an incredible trip for you. I got a kick out of the beans, tuna, and apple for your lunch. Thats cute craig, and I'm happy that your eating choices haven't changed-always unique mixes, but you make them work. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and can't wait to hear about your experiences. ALL MY LOVE, Marie Angela <3

  Madee Apr 8, 2007 1:58 AM

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