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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 5 photos

On a 3 week journey through Cambodia it was the children that intrigued me the most. It's the way they smile with hope in their eyes, their gentle nature and open hearts. Many live in poverty selling trinkets and scarves to provide for their families, it's a tough life yet their determination and positive outlook is inspirational. It's hard to explain in words how these kids can warm your heart so fast, so I hope these photos will help you to see what is was that made me fall in love with the children of Cambodia.

I am a photography student from Western Australia. What I love about photography is that it keeps you in the present, you are not thinking about what happened yesterday or even what will happen tomorrow, you are in that moment and ready to capture it.

I believe as a photographer it is important to tell the truth, to show and share images with the world that truly reflect what you saw.
Through my photography I wish to educate the world of other cultures, raise awareness of issues and share with them moments in time of far away places.

I should be chosen for this scholarship as I have a strong passion for both travel and photography, I am eager to learn and contribute and know that I would completely immerse myself into this experience. I long to see the world, to live as others do and document it all with my camera.
It would be an absolute honour to be mentored by Jason Edwards! The experience of a lifetime!­

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