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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

India | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | flickr photos

Well, i am a college dropped out, like Steve Jobs. I have travelled here in India as well as abroad, as I love travelling and photography. But never got the chance to do paid assignments. I have been doing photography since 4 years, i am passionate about portraits and landscapes. Plus street photography.
Why i Should be chosen because, i want fame, i want to work, i want money, i want to travel, if I win then i get all these things. And who doesnt want to travel for free? while doing what you love to do..(Photography). And i am sure i will manage to cope in any condition of the place. If i get a chance to visit somewhere then i would love to go to Afghanistan. I want to document their lives. I hope after winning this competition i get to work with Nat Geo and i can capture what is happening in Afghanistan and Syria. Well, Greenland..it would be my dream come true to capture northern lights and running wild horses of Greenland, clicking running wild horses is really my dream. And i will get to learn a lot from our master photographer.
And i wish i win this time because this is my kind of place to go and click, i know I will win because Horses are calling me of the white desert.

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