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Planning Stages

USA | Friday, 4 May 2012 | Views [521] | Comments [1]

Stage One

Hello all (or just mom and dad)!!
So as you may know, I am planning a grand adventure between jobs.  I have done my research for the past few days and decided on Southeast Asia.  At this point, I think I can do a FAQ

Colie's SE Asia FAQ

Q: Why SE Asia?
Have you SEEN pictures of Southeast Asia?  Google image it if not.  I have always wanted to go there but knew it would be a major time investment.  The opportunity arose since my new start date isn't until July 9 and I pounced on it.  In total I should be there for five weeks.  This will also destroy most of my bucket list.  Yes, I have a bucket list.

Q: Who are you going with?
Not a soul.  I am sure I will meet up with tours along the way, but mostly I will be traveling with like-minded backpackers.  I will make friends along the way.  Don't you worry.

Q: Are you [expletive] crazy? 

Q: Alright, glad you know.  So where do you plan on going?
This will be a whirlwind trip.  The current plan is to travel Thailand for about a week before taking a boat cruise down the Mekong River into Laos for a few day.  After hitting up the main spots, I plan on flying into Siem Reap, Cambodia to do Angkor for three days.  From there a flight will be taken for a glorious time in Vietnam.  Due to flight availability and prices (and because I can), I will be jumping from North Vietnam to both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (about 2-3 days each) before unwinding with a week in Bali.

Q: Laos? Siem Reap? Kuala Lumpur? What are these places? And are they safe?
I was actually surprised at how many people hadn't heard of Kuala Lumpur.  Don't you people watch TV and remember the commercial with the little girl building the scale model of the Petronas Towers? No? Alright.  But anyways, yes, these places are safe.  SE Asia is incredibly popular among backpackers.  I would be shocked if any of my 40-people-to-a-room-accommodations didn't have at least one Australian and one Kiwi.  Besides, the website I am doing this journal through is my travel insurance company.  I am totally covered even if I go skydiving (hi Mom!).  In all seriousness, SE Asia is becoming one of the safest areas for backpackers.

Q: Forty people to a room? That is disgusting.
Wait until I blog about my packing list (5-6 outfits for 5 weeks) or the sheer lack of tp on my trip.  I have a feeling that the saying "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" is about to enter my life in a BIG way.

Q: So what are you doing to prepare?
Medicating my mother (just kidding; maybe).  I am in the planning stages now and constantly reaching out to friends who have been.  I plan on making a post per country before I go to educate anyone who might be interested (again, hi mom! and, just for good measure in case he hasn't fallen asleep at this point, hi dad!).  I am only going with my flight into Bangkok and out of Bali.  I also visited a travel clinic the other day for medical prep and advice.  My packing list is being formulated and my energy is through the roof!

Q: Travel clinic?  Does that mean that you, the biggest fear-er of needles in all the land, had to get shots?
Heck yes I did. And you know what? There were no tears for the first time in twenty-five years.  I would love to say that my family is so proud, but they are probably relieved that I finally grew up.  There may have been a box of Samoas on hand to calm me without my mommy; I do my growing up in baby steps.  I am now vaccinated for hepatitis and typhoid fever; I also have preventative medication for malaria and three different levels of diarrhea.  Trust me, it felt about attractive as that sounds. 

Q: You know this is riddled with grammar mistakes, misspellings, and made up words?
Absolutely.  I am a numbers person.

Q: Well good luck to you.  Be safe and keep in contact.  Take a million pictures to share with everyone.

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You go girl! So excited for you....there is a big world out there. I know you will be just fine. Love you xoxo

  Aunt Laureen May 6, 2012 12:32 AM

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