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When in Roam I will go back in time to write about the adventures I have had over the past few years and as I have new ones, I will share those as well!

About cnengel

My name is Chelsey Engel and I'm a travelholic...well, I haven't been many places but I ache to go everywhere.  I've been to several U.S. cities including New York City (several times), Washington, D.C. (many times), Philadelphia, New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Honolulu and Hilo, and, of course, Pittsburgh (where I live).  I am currently a senior photojournalism and global cultural studies major at Point Park University and when I graduate, I hope to travel as much as humanly (and financially) possible.  I also hope to document events, issues, organizations, etc. that are important to me and that I believe need to be shared with the world such as genocide, poverty, and other human rights issues.

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