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Tibet 2010

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

China | Sunday, October 3, 2010 | 4 photos

Walking around the back streets of Lhasa, Tibet I came across these school kids working on their street dance moves. They were very eager to show some of their skills. This boy was only beginning to master this handstand technique. After many attempts he managed to hold the position for 5-6 seconds and was delighted! When he stood up, he was overjoyed and was eager to demonstrate the next trick!

So………….he claimed the wall and be began leaping off! He was very talented and obviously had a passion for this. He was very confident and friendly. My six-year-old son was in awe of this young boy and tried to mimic his moves with limited progress.

It was amazing when the young boy came over to us and directing my son. They played together for some time before the father called the boy in for dinner. It reminded me that children can certainly teach us many thing.

Not only street dance, but also the ability to get along and help each other.

It was very challenging to be faced with a first hand experience of how outside influences are impacting on the traditional culture of the people of Tibet. Is this the future of Tibet? The boy was certainly happy and a talented performer, but it did prompt the question ‘Is this progress?’

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