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End of Trip :(

SINGAPORE | Monday, 22 Jun 2009 | Views [550] | Comments [1]

It's been a while since my last update, or atleast it feels like it. I'm now in the Singapore airport, about to get on a flight to Tokyo, which I have to wait in for 6 hours before I get a flight to dallas, from where I get a flight to Colorado. What ... Read more >

Mom and Dad, Please Don't Read!

THAILAND | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 | Views [661] | Comments [3]

So we arrive in Koh Phangan June 15th, the date written on the half moon party website when we left, the date that we planned our whole trip around. And on the taxi ride to our "lodge" we see about 20 signs saying "Half Moon Party - June ... Read more >


THAILAND | Saturday, 13 Jun 2009 | Views [663] | Comments [2]

So I havn't updated for a while, but this is due to the fact that the internet cafe ate my blog about 4 days ago. So now, I will have to summarize our last week or so. After the last blog, we took a 20 hour train ride to Guilin from Kunming, for which ... Read more >

Gallery: Lijiang/Kunming

CHINA | Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Dafo/Emei Shan

CHINA | Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Big Buddha, Big Buddha, Big Buddha

CHINA | Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009 | Views [1456] | Comments [2]

Hellllo. A lot has happened since I last posted.  I'll try to skip to the interesting things! Last time I wrote, I was on my way to Dafo and Emei Shan.  Dafo was this big park with tons of Buddha sculptures and art. I took about a bajillion pictures, ... Read more >

Jigga What?

CHINA | Friday, 29 May 2009 | Views [1142] | Comments [1]

Hello I dont have too much to report. And I feel like my previous post/posts were a bit too long/boring!  But I do have some observations, that I find quite interesting. 1) We flew on China Airways or some similar line today. And half way through, ... Read more >

Gallery: More China

CHINA | Friday, 29 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: More Hong Kong and China

CHINA | Friday, 29 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Wednesday, 27 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Let Me See Your Hips Swingggg

CHINA | Wednesday, 27 May 2009 | Views [578]

Helllllo from Shenzhen! I just looked at the preview for this. Apologies, but the enter button apparently does not work in China! Thank you everyone for your e-mails and comments. They are much appreciated!! After my last post, we headed straight ... Read more >

With Compliments...

HONG KONG | Monday, 25 May 2009 | Views [588] | Comments [4]

Hello all! Here is my first blog entry abroad! It is far too long, I apologize, but wanted to write down everything that's happened to go back to. You guys are welcome to just skim! Nothing that exciting or crazy has happened yet, but here are my ... Read more >

Pandas, Watch Out.

USA | Tuesday, 19 May 2009 | Views [479] | Comments [2]

Hellllllo. This is my blog-type thing. I have never "blogged" but this will be my attempt to do so to recount my trip through Asia during the next five weeks.  So if you would like to check from time to time that I am... I dont know.... Read more >

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