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Looking around Do you know that kids show 'Go outside' with the woman and her collie in the biplane? I took her message very much to heart.

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My trusty travel companions

My trusty travel companions

I often travel alone, so my journals, full of notes and observations, more often than not flowing like a constant narrative through my head, are my only friends. I have nothing to do for the next few weeks, and I have a dangerously high opinion of my own writing ability so I decided to publish them.

I like to think I'm some sort of explorer, an intense observer of human life, but don't let me fool you. I'm really just an English and history student who lives in Edinburgh and uses their student loans for irresponsible holidaying. My musings are pretentious and my experiences seem to me to be far more symbolic and important than they actually are. My description of people and things comes dangerously close to a Marlow-like line of faux spiritualism. If you're looking for practical advice, genuine factual information or even a reliable review of any place I've visited, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking to scoff, laugh or kill some time, you might read something interesting, but don't hold me to that.

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