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Living and teaching in Hangzhou

Last Days in China

CHINA | Saturday, 2 May 2015 | Views [469]

What an exhilarating moment on Thursday afternoon when the students installed their amazing bamboo pieces. Three distinctly different art works accomplished by 7 students: One drifting quietly in the wind hanging from a bridge, another describing relationships ... Read more >

Tags: bamboo installations, caa, departure, kenzo kuma

Photos: Final Installations, Sharing Art

CHINA | Friday, 1 May 2015 | Photo Gallery

Bamboo, student work, teaching art
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Day 25: Good Friends, Warm Weather, Hard Work

CHINA | Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015 | Views [382]

Our day began with a struggle to create an evenly lit space in which to photograph Rob’s final works. He will be leaving all the drawings here in China, taking his sketches and preliminary drawings back with him to New York. Our hotel room is fairly ... Read more >

Tags: bamboo, fluid plans, gifts, laundry, lingyan temple, packing, tea, vegetarian food

Photos: Day 25: Warm Day, Good Friends, Hard Work

CHINA | Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

tea, feasts, local images
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Tags: local views, meijawun tea culture village, people on motorcycles

Photos: seeing where we are

CHINA | Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

CAA campus, Wang Shu architecture, trees
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Photos: Line/Plane & Bamboo Projects

CHINA | Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

final line/plane pieces, beginning bamboo site-specific work
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Days 23-24: The Last Week Begins

CHINA | Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015 | Views [310]

Our last week begins with very warm weather, tough air quality, and a sense of familiarity tinged with that poignancy of approaching departure. It is a relief to be back in our hotel, doing laundry, and getting genuine greetings from the staff. Rob plunges ... Read more >

Tags: bamboo material, fujian tea, lacquer painting, studio visits, warm weather

Weekend in Suzhou

CHINA | Monday, 27 Apr 2015 | Views [503]

After three weeks of teaching and living in our hotel in Hangzhou, we splurged and went away for the weekend to Suzhou. This city is one of the fastest growing cities in this part of China, if not in all of China. The seat of local government in its ... Read more >

Tags: couple retreat garden, humble administrator garden, i. m. pei suzhou museum, local life, suzhou, suzhou museum

Photos: Suzhou Weekend

CHINA | Monday, 27 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

old town Suzhou, Couples Retreat Garden, Suzhou Museum, I.M.Pei Suzhou Museum, canals in Suzhou,
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Photos: A local day

CHINA | Friday, 24 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

shops, scenery
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Days 18-20: A local teacher’s life

CHINA | Friday, 24 Apr 2015 | Views [291]

Morning walks to run errands, which might be buying a hatchet for splitting bamboo, or looking for wire cutters, often end up at the early lunch in the faculty cafeteria. This is located in the public services part of the hotel we are staying in. There ... Read more >

Tags: abstraction, local wandering, teaching

Photos: Assignment Two: Planes

CHINA | Thursday, 23 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

One page sheet constructions
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Tags: assignment 2, paper sculpture, planar possibilities, student work

Photos: Day 17 Solo Downtown

CHINA | Thursday, 23 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

West Lake, Downtown Hangzhou
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Tags: downtown hangzhou, residential, street cat, west lake

Day 16: Assignment Two from Rectangles to Planes

CHINA | Thursday, 23 Apr 2015 | Views [261]

16: Transition from Rectangles to Planes to Bamboo Poles   It rained like the dickens for part of the night and our waterway is back to muddy greenish. For the past several days there has been more English speaking at breakfast than ever before, ... Read more >

Tags: assignment 2, bandung conference, planes of paper

Day 17: Intrepid New Yorker

CHINA | Thursday, 23 Apr 2015 | Views [388]

We finally gained access to the Bauhaus Collection here on campus. It took a couple inquiries to find out when, if ever, the place actually opened to the public and if there was anything in it beyond time lines and photographs. Turns out that a small ... Read more >

Tags: basketball, bauhaus at caa, being other, crowds, downtown hangzhou, traveling solo, west lake

Photos: Day 15: local wanderings

CHINA | Monday, 20 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

scenes, community, alleys, merchants
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15th Day in China: Bad Air, Good Day

CHINA | Monday, 20 Apr 2015 | Views [349]

The day begins with the bad air headache, windows closed, yet a good sleep. It is obvious that people here have accommodated the shifting quality of the air they breathe, just as they accommodate the smell of sewage, the new towering buildings and disintegrating ... Read more >

Tags: air quality, asian mind, decrepit but good, eating out, generosity, local culture, shopping, vegetarian with pork

Photos: Downtown Hangzhou: Wu Hill & West Lake

CHINA | Sunday, 19 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

Wushan Square, Wu Hill, West Lake, Crowds
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3 Busy Days, 12-15, Downtown Hangzhou

CHINA | Sunday, 19 Apr 2015 | Views [439]

The public lecture on American Sculpture was well attended. From the number of cell phones out taking pictures of the images, it seemed there was real interest or at least curiosity about some of the art. The relaxed atmosphere at dinner afterwards was ... Read more >

Tags: apple, crowds, cultural patterns, hangzhou, social life, targa nuts, west lake, wu hill, wushan square

Photos: Day 10-11 Puzzling Pieces

CHINA | Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

walk on the wild side, West Lake, country dinner
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