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GERMANY | Thursday, 23 July 2009 | Views [567]


Made it to Munich, time to find Nancy place, did look on google map and really did seem easy to find. I was following a cyclist road near the river and got in town about where I was suppose to but didn't found the road I was looking for. Did turn in circle for a little wild and decided to come back on my wait to get on the other side of the river since she live on the other side. Once there I called Nancy to see if I was close or not and I just went to far in the city so again I came back on my way and with some luck I found the road I needed. But didn't found her road. Called her again and told me your just nearby but to far, my street is a little one. So came back and found it, yup its a little street ! I first took a shower, and we went to the grocery store get some food and we went out in town to a kind of huge market in the Olympic park. Was interesting, but nothing really nice to buy. Went back and slept. Sunday, we made a brunch with William and is girlfriend ( sorry don't remember the name..) nice pancake with fruit and chocolate sauce, yummy. We dropped is girlfriend for her to take her lift back home somewhere in the north of Germany. We went to another market where about 98% of the stuff was complete rubbish ( well to my eye ) still spend near 2 hours there looking at those old item, was funny. On the way to ( we didn't know yet) we found a street festival, another market, and lot of junk food. Found a Chinese little buffet, huge plate for 5 Euro, best deal in the market and probably the only one that wasn't junk. went back to Nancy place and that about it for Sunday. Monday, I went spend some money in town, travel book, maps, mosquito repellent ect and I done my part of tourism for Munich. Honestly am surprise by that town, I didn't like lot of town yet but Munich was a good stop. Last night in Munich, we just stayed at her place and I made a little diner and that my week end in Munich. William invited me to his place near Roseheim, and was about where I needed to go so I went there on Tuesday. With a bit of luck, I found the place without loosing myself to much ! Later on we went to one of his friend place to take a beer and have a good chat with them. I slept on a nice couch outside on his balcony, slept so well. I decided to stay another day, mostly done some internet stuff, tried couch surfing but honestly its hard for me to use it since practically everyone need a precise date that I definitely understand. Also it summer season now, vacation time, most of people leave town for that time so aren't around for the date I said I was coming around. Anyway I tried but don't thing I will be able to use it for this trip. After diner, we went to his friend place again and we watched a episode of Sex in the City.... I Just can't believe that serie survived 6 seasons.. never saw something so stupid and boring. A complete waste of time. Went back on the balcony and slept. Time to say good by to the funny and great William and head down south to Austria.

Back in the alp's, still at the beginning and wow, splendid view all day long. My 2 first day in Austria was sunny but really cold... its July, cold? Am not on top of mountain, im down in the valley... anyway will see. Bad start today, I went black camping and for the first time in 4 month, went I came out of my place, a old stupid farmer saw me and went mad straight away. Good thing one of is retarded son was talking a bit of English. He asked me a few question, and he was starting to look in my stuff, I shout hey hey, he raised is hand on my, I looked in his eye and told him go on hit me, him not your son, I will hit back. ( sure he didn't translate that) anyway he didn't hit. Doesn't happen often but that one am sure I would have jump on him and hit till he get unconscious. So gave him 10 euro to make him shut the f.. up and I went in the mountain. The Grobglockner mountain to mention is name, I saw lot of bike going up, and even without bag, they were going slow slow. Took me 4 hours to reach the top. Nop I didnt go all the 3798 meter, I made it to 2505 meter that were you can get on the other side to reach Lienz. Good thing I didnt have to go all the way up, I would never have made it, I was more then death after those 2505 meter, my leg were shaking, made myself a cup of coffee, was kinda cold up there and started to go down, but add to climb a bit more before It finally went down hill till I reach the campsite. First one first will be the good one. I meet on my wait up, philippe and Barbara, 2 french living in viet-nam, they were on a holiday in austria and invited me to there place, so next year, I got a stop to make in HaNoi.

8 pm I was sleeping...

after a day off, I went back on the road, and even if the road was good, and it was a brilliant weather, I still had a bad day doing stupid unthinking thing, nothing bad just little road mistake like my brain was completely off. I was actually lost in it and was thinking about other stuff then the road. Think am in a depressing week.. Should be better next week.

Here I am in Slovenia after a little 30 km in Italia were the cyclist road were perfect, new. They used a old railway to make it, it reach the border of slovenia and that where it disappear, but after a wild I found a good one again, but didnt stay for long. Found a nice place to take a break near a little river, but not good for camping, to much people around, so I went a bit further. 2 km further and found one with view on that river and on the mountain. I was back black camping, I love it at least we can sleep, camping are full of family, and youngsters making lot of noise, evening and morning.

My second day, lets reach LjublJana, it say about 50 kilo, that high way so let but about 80 kilo max, not to bad. But o well I was wrong again, 3 times I got in some Death end when I was following cyclist road... and how often I found myself on road bicycle where not aloud. Had to come back a few time cause of that. Lot of town where like that, easy way in but good luck getting out. Jesenice was the worst looking town, just an industrial town, big factory, ugly building ect and Kranj was the worst to bike thought. once in Ljubljana, well just ad to find the camp site that was on my map. Didn't took me that long. But once there, I add a lovely surprise, she asked me 12.50 Euro a night... whoa, Slovenia is expensive, the cote d'Azur was cheaper then that, actually about 95% of place I been to were cheaper then here. Anyway 120km with 30 degres celcius, my head was worst then after a hang over. I ain't gonna go look for a cheaper one, not even sure there one.

Got in bed by 8 and was sleeping for sure at 8h30. Only got up at 9 in the morning.

Friday after laundry, I went do my tourist in town, looked around, walked everywhere and came back for diner and went take a beer at the bar. That about it. Saturday, a bit the same I decided to stay one more day since the weather was horrible. Still when in town and when I came back, whoa what a storm, ice cube falling down the sky, I stopped under a bridge and in about 2 minute, a feet of water was stuck there. Was funny looking at the car trying to cross it. So well back to the camp, still raining, got a good warm shower and will go make a good hot cup of coffee once this battery will be full, probably gonna watch a movie tonight. Well for cheap vacation I definitely don't suggest Slovenia, everything is more expensive then France, made a difference with food price and I was stun, was so talking to myself in the supermarket. Even postcard where 10p more then Germany. Really that Euro thing might be good for resident of some country but for traveller from outside, its a pain in the ass. Croatia is not under the Euro yet, will see how thing there.

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