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SPAIN | Monday, 16 March 2009 | Views [320] | Comments [2]

So here I am in barcelona, did book a bp for 2 night, sunday and monday night. I when for a walk and got my camera out to found out that the lcd screen is broken... no idea how I done that, ive been really carefull with it and yesterday night was working. So I thing I most have sleep on it. Actually will im writing, I just remember that I forgot it in my pocket... so yea I slept on it. How stupid is that... gonna have to buy another camera again... me and camera.. last year in south africa lost one and got sand in another one so broke....its sunday so cant go shopping... need a new matrice to and some propane, so shopping day tomorrow, but monday not good neather for shopping in spain.. might have to book another night if I want to see the town. So far what I saw is seem nice. But dont feel like walking all day so decided to update my journal.

Well barcelona is nice, few nice place to see and the backpacker where I am is quite cheap, 12 euro and got free internet( not wifi but at less) and got free breakfast, little roll (as many as u want) caffee,chocolat jus ect jam cereal) not bad at all.

Already my last day in barcelona, spent the day in a park doing nothing, few spin of poi but that it just took the sun and rest my leg ohh and they that guy that came around and asked me if he could disturb me a couple minute, told him yea wi=hy not, he did seem alright. He told me here the thing, I give u 6 thing to smell and at each one I took photos of your expression. Asked him it was for what, school or personnal project. He told me it was for a personnal project and if it work he might make a little exposition with the result.i went for it, the idea was original.so now im might be in a exposition and my backpack with my signature is in a backpacker in malaga. I gonna be a celebrity soon :P

Night now, meet 2 auzzie girl and 2 uk guy in the bp. We decided to go out. 9 pm started with a beer and free shooter. Add 3 beer at that irish bar, we move to well another irish bar where add another one with free rum shooter. We meet 2 us guy. Youngter, first trip out of us they where so shy. Probably doesnt help when a group of drug people tell u just to join them. Nyways was fun. Took the last tube to the hostel where the bar was still open. Add another beer. And the girl called some sangria. Played some poker and well they didnt drink the sangria so add some of that. That where I got lost. Ouch wine that did it me. When in bed, and maybe 30 minute after needed to piss. But I was one drunk and 2 I was in a still in a dream. Got up and saw the place like I was in a forest. Spotted a place in a corner where I could go but once there it was strange so turned 180 degres and saw my mate, asked me what I was looking for, that where I woke up I was so confuse. Told him woah need toilette and I went bye bye to bed. How nice.



Do you think Barcelona is a laid back town? Relax and all.

  Benny Mar 19, 2009 12:27 AM


not really for that valencia was better, barcelona got a big rush of tourism, so call with them all around, not possible :( but in the week was lot better and park was nice and quiet, with lot of people playing music,jogling reading ect was quite lay back,but once out of park its back to realities,traffic people rushing and the tourism left getting in the way of all that. still nice place just to touristic for me.

  cheflajoie Mar 26, 2009 12:28 PM

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