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Biking trip

3 first day of biking(26-27-28)

SPAIN | Monday, 2 March 2009 | Views [333]

26 february

how to have a first brilliant day...well first the night before, when out with (nice dude from the melting pot, sorry man having hard time to remember your name, he did bring us )me and 3 girl to some pub in town, so well we did drink quite a lot... came back at 3h30 am.

9am, I was already up to get my stuff ready for the departure, 11h30 after good time of talking, I finally kicked myself out and when on the bike. Started by going west following the coast, weather was nice, warm, sunny, but got the win that got up, dam I add had time to go ahead. Did reach valley malaga at around 3pm, 30km from malaga, took a break there and did carry on in the mountain on the a-356. At 5 pm I was diying to find a spot to camp, but nothing around, did climb my first big hill 3km no flat part. Add to climb on the side of the bike, im to heavy, will trow some stuff away in the morning. Did reach the a-402, first thing on it, a nice lake, and seem like near it was a old camp side or under construction, made my way on it,so after 50 km, finally found a nice spot and fall asleep once tent up.

27 february

after a night freezing, did remove a few thing from my bike, 1or 2 kilo less. First km was probably the best of the day, was going down hill, after, did start ckimbing, after each turn was dam most be near the top, but no couple corner after, saw what was up ahead. Almost cry, once on top, my km said I add climb 15km and that all up hill no little break. Yep I did lot of walking here.but did manage do do a few km on the bike. Did trow some more stuff on the way.Met a holland girl on the wait up,joan,she was on her last bike trip around granada, she told me after the 2 large mountain that form a gate, will be flat.she was right for a couple km, and it when on again, did finish that day with only 28 km done, but was death, my leg was useless,found a little forest to camp, not much water left, but a town suppose to be close after so in the morning should be fast. Did clean myself with those baby sheet, better then nothing, remove the worst, and got ready to sleep like a baby, will be another cold night im sure, will be more ready this time.

28 february

my third day, I was expecting to do just a few km, so I can be middle way to granada, but the road wasnt bad, flat and fast, so did go on, found some spot on the way to fill my water a few time.on this day I discover how bad the indication was, mist something and when on a bad road, after maybe 2 kilo, realize it wasnt the way. Came back found the good road. And got couple more hill here but not to bad. Did reach the a-92, that where I found out I did mist the 338, so the a-92 it a highway... no biking here. So add to go all around it on the a-335. Found a nice place to camp there, but was humm its only 2 pm still raining, cant really make a fire, and not much food left. So decide to carry on. Got on a small road with dam construction, got the bike and myself all dirty here. Reach pinos puente, town with nothing. A pit further, bought me some found and saw a sign saying granada 10 km. Not bad, only 5pm. So when on. Once there need a place to sleep.... got internet on my laptop near a big hotel, oasis bp was full, so call anothr one that I never found the place, after couple hours of turning in circle, I was near to die, found a place to squat in the mountain,(was already near it, 5 minute and found the place) so at 10pm I was putting my tent up and just died in it.so in that day that I wanted to make at max 50-60 km. I ended up with 112 km. Sunday, I found a backpacker, took me 5 km to found it and I aint moving.did even book for 2 night. Dam the shower was good!!!

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